My Stop on the MyLifeinWords Blog Tour!!! (A Bloggy Interview with Anya) & An ENORMOUS THANK YOU FOR 300 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!


Today is my day of the MyLifeinWords blog tour, by Anya! Anya was blogging on Blogger for a few months, but she has decided to switch to WordPress!
Anya and I have a bloggy interview to share with you! Hope you enjoy reading 😀

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Mirra: What’s the story behind your blog’s name? Why is your blog called so?
Anya: My blog is called My Life in Words because my blog is about expressing my happenings in life through words! Also, my two favourite things are life and words.
Mirra: That’s pretty cool! Tell me two things which have inspired to you begin your blog.
Anya: One is probably you and Eliza, ’cause I know the two of you IRL and your blogs are amazing, and probably the other one is because I want to share my thoughts, writing and such to the rest of the world without leaving my seat 😉
Mirra: Aw,that’s sweet of you! And nice reasons! What caused you to switch from Blogger to WordPress?
Anya: Blogger really isn’t my blogging platform, it doesn’t allow a nice design, and the themes are limited. Also, a whole heap of my friends (IRL and Non-IRL) are part of the WordPress Community.
Mirra: Oh okay. Hahaha, my questions seem to be so short, while your answers are looonnng! Whatever, forget that! What bloggers do you look up to? (your blogging friends)
Anya: You, Eliza, Saanvi, Mukta, Olivia, Hazel, Angela, Hannah, Starling, Yashvi, Arunima,Carol, Saanika and Tanisha!
Mirra: Yeah, all those bloggers ARE awesome! What are your future hopes and goals for My Life in Words?
Anya: I’d like to post entertaining and fun content, reach 100 follows by the end of this year, make new blogging friends and share my writings and thoughts with the world!
Mirra: Thanks so much for the interview, Anya! I had a LOT of fun interviewing you.
Anya: You’re welcome Mirra! And thanks for being a part of the tour!

Do check out Anya’s wonderful blog!

Make sure to follow the tour!

{23rd September}
Mirra @ ColoursBeyondDreams
Mukta @ BornFree
Angela @ AWritingRose
Maryam @InfinitelyDaydreamer
Saanvi @ A Notebook, One Pen, & Me
Emmie @ AmericanGirlWorld
Hannah @ CraftsofallSeasons
{24th September}
Zielle @ MyHomeschoolNotebook
Arunima @ Dreamer’sDreams
Hazel @ ZellaBooks&Blog
Saanika @ SaanisDiy
Eliza @ WritingWonderland
Danielle @ AutumnSongs and NearbutFar
Tanisha @ BothSidesoftheEquation
{25th September}
Starling @ Starling7
Enni @ HoovesandPens
Neria @ Writing4Fun
Rachel @ NancyDrew and MessyBun
Yashvi @ BornFree


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I also just noticed that I reached 300 followers! Thank you all SO SO much for your support♥♥♥

Time for a few stats!

stats 300 follows

I’m really happy with all the views, comments and likes!

300 follows top commenters.png

Thanks SO SO SO SO SO much for all your support. Without your help, I won’t EVER be able to achieve this. ♥

‘Till next time!

Mirra SignOff

75 thoughts on “My Stop on the MyLifeinWords Blog Tour!!! (A Bloggy Interview with Anya) & An ENORMOUS THANK YOU FOR 300 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!

  1. Aww, Anya. I’m so glad I’m an inspiration to you ❤ Followers like you and Mirra are what have inspired me to continue blogging and I am reaching 150 followers soon. Cheers to 200! Congratulations Mirra, and lovely post. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats on 300 followers, and great interview! Also thx for inviting me to participate in the blog tour!!! 🙂 ❤ Hopefully I didn't screw up on it XD

    Anyhow, ❤ your new blog design!!! And the graphics totally worth fangirling over 😂

    and thx SO much for your constant support on my blog ❤ means a lot ❤
    *ghost hug*

    Liked by 1 person

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