BIBPC #5, Category 4 {Celebration}

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Today, I have my photo for the fourth category of Megan’s photography contest, BIBPC.

team-pineappleThe Shot:

category 4

Today is Onam, a celebration for the beginning of the harvest season. Onam is celebrated by making flower rangolis. The picture above is of one! I hope you like my picture for this category.

Go Team Pineapple!

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BIBPC #5, Category 3 {Books}

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Today, I’m going to be sharing with you all my photo for the third category of BIBPC #5!


The Shot:

BIBPC #5 Category 3

You might’ve already seen this picture which was used in this photo shoot. The story behind it is rather straightforward. I was taking pictures of Roses and Pages, and well, I decided to use this picture for the category.

What d’you think???

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yayayayay! my signoff is complete.

BIBPC #5,Category 2{Circles} + A Bunch of Tags (The Vlogging Tag, The Ardent Reader’s Book Frenzy Tag & The Liebster Award) AND Awesome Reads {Part Three} AND FINALLY – We All Have God In Us


Hello there, friends. First of all, THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST.

I actually do NOT want to write a separate post for all these things, because then my posts will be everywhere in your reader ,and today (Sunday) being the only day I am free, I have the time to write about ALL these things in ONLY ONE POST.

Anyways, please continue reading.

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BIBPC #5, Category 1 {Fruit}

Hello there! It’s finally time for BIBPC, which is also known as Boring Into Beautiful Photography Contest. This awesome contest is hosted by the wonderful Megan @ A Barefoot Gal.

My team on BIBPC #5:


Yup, I’m on Team Pineapple!

And may I present my picture for Category 1!

Hovering Above a Pineapple

BIBPC #5 Category 1



So, I captured this pic in Singapore. The smell of the pineapple was SO GOOD, it smelled of fragrant flowers and honey mixed together! I couldn’t and still can’t help wishing to be the blue butterfly, sucking on the pineapple.

Megan, I hope you like the pic!


Okay, see you soon!

Mirra Granger

(why don’t I stop procrastinating and get my signoff done?)



An Autumn Breeze (A Poem) & Awesome Reads {Part 2}

An Autumn Breeze

I stand
Gripping hands with my mother
Our hair flies as free as a bird
In an autumn breeze.

A group of flaming leaves
Soar and land below the dry trees
A flood of leaves, a gorgeous sight to see
In an autumn breeze.

The streets whisper
And finally hush and fall asleep
The soft and calm wind puts them to rest
And a canopy of stars are revealed.

All this beauty
Natural beauty
Can be glimpsed with our gifted eyes
In an autumn breeze.

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What do you think of the poem? Let me know in the comments.

Now time for-


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The blogs I’ve chosen today :-

1)A Barefoot Gal by Megan

Megan has an OUTSTANDING blog! She has a gorgeous blog design, she does mind-blowing photography and she’s a really kind blogger!

I give Megan- 10/10!

2)A Farm Girl’s Life by Allison

Allison is one of THE MOST SWEET AND CARING bloggers I’ve ever met. She has an amazing blog, and I love her poetry, photography and clayations posts! Her blog design is really pretty too.

Allison, I give you a sharp 10/10 stars!

3)Stuffie Adventures by Rebcake

Stuffie Adventures

Now Rebcake is the resident of one of the MOST CUTEST BLOGS I’VE EVER SEEN! Some posts on her blog are in the P.O.V of her stuffies, and yeah, her blog is basically AMAZING! ❤

Rebcake- A straight 10/10!

4) Clara and Co by Clara

Clara and Co was formerly Clara’s Craft Corner. Clara, again, is a really kind and sweet blogger and holds a blog with some amazing content and a beautiful design!

I love Clara’s blog, and give it a 10/10!

5) Hooves and Pens by Enni

Blog BUttton.png

Enni has a blog with an elegant design and entertaining content! I personally ADORE her blog, and yeah, she’s one of my close blogging friends. She’s a caring blogger and great friend.

Enni- 10/10!

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People, thanks so much for taking your time in reading this post! I hope you all like this ‘issue’ of Awesome Reads, and give today’s five blogs a follow!

Friends, do follow my blog and become a part of the AYWD family, thanks so much to everyone who’s already shown me your support, I really appreciate it.

I’m planning to reach 275 followers by the end of this month. I know, I need over 50 followers in a month but I’m positive we can do it.

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Thanks a bunch for reading!

Mirra Granger

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How I See My True Self + Awesome Reads (Part 1)

Have you noticed? You’ve never been able to see your TRUE self. After all, seeing yourself in the mirror is just a reflection of yourself. And other people commenting on your appearance is how THEY see you, not how you see yourself. And you know what, I’ve been able to discover my true self.

I’m a girl, who believes that writing is her world. The pen is my body, and the ink inside it is my blood. I love to spend time with myself, especially sitting down in a corner and writing. I don’t see myself as how others see me- A random girl with waist- length black hair, brown eyes and tiny purple glasses. Some people tease me about my appearance, but I really don’t take it into my mind. I see myself as something different.

I see myself as a unique pen, which writes words each day. I believe that the words I write give me a clear picture of life.

And so next time, think about seeing your true self. Think about the things you love, and how they make you you. And the main thing is that you don’t have to worry about how others see you, it’s all about how you see yourself.  Be sure to stay true to yourself, and you’ll be sure to see yourself as something amazing. I’m sure that every one of you has an inspirational self, you just need to believe in yourself, and you can become anything.

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Friends, what do you think? Be sure to leave some feedback for me in the comments.

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Now onto ‘Awesome Reads!’
Awesome Reads is a feature that recommends other amazing blogs that lie in the blogosphere! I’ll be doing this feature in five posts, and there will be six blogs shown in each post. But believe me, I follow almost 90 blogs. So yeah, this’ll be hard for me since I love each and every blog I follow!

Now onto the five bloggers I’ve chosen today!

1) A Notebook, One Pen and Me by Saanvi

 A Notebook One Pen and Me

Saanvi has a simple but gorgeous blog. Her writing is so deep and wonderful, and she’s super talented!

I love her blog, and it’s 10/10 stars from me!!! Be sure to check her blog out, it’s awesome.

2) Forever and Everly by May

May has an entertaining, lively and fun blog! She’s really great at Graphic Design, writing, and giving me book recommendations. (Like I have to read Six of Crows NOW.) She’s a kind and inspirational blogger!

I definitely love her blog- a straight 10/10!

3) Capturing and Creating by Rutvi

Rutvi’s blog is really nice. I love the content of it, and the design is awesome too! She’s a fellow potterhead and AG doll lover(and don’t forget GRAMMAR COP). Rutvi’s blog features some of the most funniest posts I’ve ever read, like this one and this one. Be sure to read the posts, and laugh your head off!

People, this blog is a 10/10!


4) My Homeschool Notebook by Zielle

Zielle is a kind, sweet blogger, and the resident of a fun little blog! I enjoy every one of her posts, and her graphic design is so pretty! I love her watercolour elements.

People you might be getting bored of the rating, but I seriously mean it- 10/10!!!! XD

5) Dreamer’s Dreams by Arunima

Dreamer’s Dreams is a gorgeous blog. Arunima’s writing is loved by me, and her poetry and stories (refer to this post) is so inspirational!

Arunima, I give your blog a 20/20 (because it’s an equal alternative for 10/10 XD, and I’m bored of giving out 10/10 to every blog, though the blog is awesome! XD) I’m weird.

Excuse that, friends.

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What did you think of this post overall? The first part was the serious me, and the second part was the peculiar me. XD Anyway, comment below!

Mirra Granger

(I’m currently without a proper signoff)




The Worry Doll Part Three {FINALE}

Shivers ran down Ella’s spine. She was nothing more than terrified. The moment was creeping closer, the claws were making Ella horrified. She didn’t know what to do. She was panicking.

Ella felt a horrible sensation in her tummy. All that went in came out. Harriet screamed in terror and moved away from Ella.

A few hours later (but what seemed like years to Ella) the bus stopped at its destination- Sunglaze Camp.

Ella felt like shrieking, she wanted to escape. But she couldn’t. She was surrounded by a swarm of teachers and fellow students, and their eyes were fixed on Ella. They all made fun of her. Ella couldn’t feel worse. She was in the middle of nowhere, homesick, unwell and apprehensive. What would she do?


The sky was a vast, black canvas with small white diamonds perched on it. Everyone were stargazing, except Ella. Ella had refused to go stargazing, because she wasn’t ready to hear people making fun of her. Ella was curled up in her dorm, fast asleep. Her mind wasn’t asleep though. It was filled with horrendous nightmares about tomorrow’s high ropes activity. Ella couldn’t sleep peacefully. It was because of her carelessness. She’d left her true best friend behind. She missed Mum, Dad and Nan. They’d always be there for her, but she was hundreds of miles away from her family, and her dear Worry Doll. The wolves howled. Ella shuddered. Her eyes opened in horror in a split second. There were no teachers nor students in her dorm. She felt terribly upset. Everyone else were in safe hands.
“It’s my fault. If I didn’t refuse to go stargazing, then I’d be in safe hands,” she thought to herself.

The wolves approached Ella’s dorm. Ella was so scared, she began to panic yet again, but before she could cry for help..

“Ella, are you alright?”

It was Harriet. She dragged Ella, grabbed Ella’s bag and took her into a dorm a few metres away.
The dorm which Harriet took Ella into had no sign of wolves, or any nocturnal animal. It was a peaceful, but lively dorm with six girls seated on beanbags.

“Oh Harriet, how can I thank you?” uttered Ella, gratefully.
“That’s what friends are for!” replied Harriet, with a smile.

Before she knew it, Ella fell into a deep sleep. She’d completely forgotten about her dreaded ‘tomorrow.’

The morning approached. The sun was rising, and the rooster could be heard. Ella woke up with a start.

Ella felt normal and relaxed until…

She could see the high ropes. They were tied across two gigantic trees, almost thirty metres above the ground.

Ella had enough. She was angry, furious in fact. She was miserable.Why her? Why did she have to do the high ropes? Why wouldn’t her Worry Doll be with her? She felt guilty.

The time was coming. Everyone were in a line, wearing their helmet and black  waterproof suit. Ella had no choice but to wear the suit and helmet. She really loathed heights, she didn’t have a clue what to do.

The first girl in the queue climbed up the ladder and onto the high ropes. She was confident and careful, and completed the high ropes in an instant. The nerves swept in Ella. She shook and shuddered.

The high ropes were being done by everyone in a flash. Before she knew it, it was Ella’s turn.  A gang of girls were giggling at poor Ella, however Harriet was encouraging her.

A twinkling voice was heard in Ella’s mind. “Believe, believe, believe.” the voice said softly. Ella didn’t know who the voice belonged to, but it was an immense confidence booster.

Ella obeyed the voice. She believed, and climbed up the ladder. Ella was starting to feel better, and she thanked the voice, her support.

Halfway through the high ropes, Ella felt something in her suit pocket. She firmly gripped the high ropes, and glanced at what was in her pocket.

It was none other than her Worry Doll!

Ella’s mind soared with happiness. She successfully completed the high ropes, and her Worry Doll magically appeared in her pocket!

Everyone cheered and clapped. They never expected Ella to do so well.

Ella delightfully ran to her dorm, and clutched her Worry Doll tightly.
“I’ll be back, whenever you need me. I won’t leave you!” said the soft voice.

Ella examined her Worry Doll, and to her surprise, the soft voice belonged to the doll! “This doll is Enchanted!” Ella exclaimed to herself. Ella was surprised, and proud to be the owner of a magical, life saving, wooden doll.

“You’ll be my best friend!” Ella said to her Worry Doll.
“Forever.” her Worry Doll replied.